Cafe Buho was an experimental restaurant that Rachael created, hosted and cooked in an apartment on Plaza Tirso de Molina in Madrid, Spain 2008-2009.  Every two weeks, the large tiled living room was cleared of furniture, the doors to the terraces were opened wide, and makeshift tables with mixed tapestry tablecloths were erected.  The invite list started initially with a small group of 20 and grew through word of mouth to an email list of over 200 names by the end.  Buho could seat no more than 24 guests.


Primarily vegetable driven, the project was meant to provide an affordable alternative to the classic Castilian restaurants which dominate Madrid's culinary landscape.  It also provided a unique take on the restaurant, and opened up space for intimate artistic and cultural exchange.  The cafe became a melange of different characteristics; at once performative, communal, reverent, wild, and haphazard.  The environment was created specifically and existed only for that moment.  Menus were not repeated, guest list was ever-changing (although there were regulars), and the dining room was set-up for one-night-only service.  For one night, the room breathed.