exploring the connection between scent and memory -

for my birthday when i was in fourth grade, my "boyfriend" (breathy telephone experiences, hand holding at school) got me roses, a silver and teal heart necklace in a box with the change from the total amount his parents had give him for the present and a tiny bottle of jasmine oil.  the miniature bottle was covered in bakelite, i think he got it from the stoner shop downtown.  the flowers died, the necklace has since been lost and i spent the change on candy after my parents were done laughing.  to this day, though, every time i smell jasmine i remember this sweet awkward relationship, the birthday party that year and the mixed florals i was wearing (1996!) come back in sharp relief.  the scent-memory connection forges a bridge between temporal gaps.

this ongoing project seeks ways to connect scent and memory through experience.  soy wax candles are created with essential oil custom scent blends meant to evoke specific emotions.  they are then burned during an event and each guest is given their own candle to take.  the scent and experience live on and burning the candle allows them to call upon the memory of that moment at will.